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More Than A Voice: A Narrative Changing Podcast


This post will help you to understand what the podcast is all about.

For so long, conversations around things peculiar to reproductive and sexual health have been avoided in one way or the other. It is so deep that something as natural as menstruating or wet dreams is tagged dirty or abnormal, making it difficult for people to seek help when they have to.

Until a few years ago, many women and young ladies could not even purchase sanitary towels confidently without trying to hide them under other things they bought. Men with performance issues keep quiet or resort to pills and potions without a proper diagnosis because they are ashamed to speak up or seek professional help.

What about hormonal-related conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), menstrual disorders, Menopause or Andropause in men, alongside many other hormone disorders that have significant effects on the body when not addressed early?

We will be launching a podcast soon to help change narratives by enlightening the public about these things in exciting ways with professionals and encouraging people not to be ashamed of having discussions about their reproductive and sexual health.


Things to Note Before We Launch

    • The name of our podcast is MORE THAN A VOICE, and it is aimed at getting people aware of what is supposed to be expected as regards their reproductive and sexual health.

    • We will start with women’s health as the primary focus because it’s where we have the most traction, but if we get requests to include men’s health, we will be thrilled to.

    • More Than A Voice will also serve as an avenue to debunk general misconceptions about reproductive and social health. Questions on how people can best navigate abnormalities will also be addressed.

    • It is going to be fun and educative for men and women, young and old.

    • We are open to sponsorship and partnership with other organisations and individuals—email info@oviwce.org for more information or to get started.

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