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Become a guest blogger for One Voice Initiative

Can you come up with enlightening, empowering, and educative articles which will be of great value to all readers?

We are glad you have decided to become a guest writer for us. Whether you are a professional writer or a beginner with little or no experience, you are welcome here.

Everyone has a part to play in the grand scheme of things; we are seeking individuals who are willing to be a voice by sharing their insights on various issues relating to what we stand for as an organization. 

Read on to know what is in this for you as a guest writer, what we love, and the procedures you need to follow.

Why should you consider writing for us?

  1. Positive Impact: Your well-articulated thoughts might be exactly what someone needs to become a better version of who they currently are. Use your words to give hope to the world.
  1. Career enhancement: your personal and career growth is of importance to us as an organization. You get the full credit for any article published on our blog. This means that you can easily refer to your articles as a proof of your experience as a writer. Take this as an opportunity to expand your horizons.
  1. Flexibility: as a guest writer, you are free to work at your own pace (why not?). However, we urge you to stick to the deadline you choose and the writing style guidelines. 

There are so many reasons why you should consider guest blogging, we just can’t exhaust the list.

Choose your style

Writing style and submission guidelines

Irrespective of what you will be writing about, make sure you tell your story in simple and clear words. Using complex diction makes effective communication difficult; you certainly do now want to leave readers confused.

Whether you have successfully adapted a style of your own or not, we expect you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Use clear and concise words to drive your point home. Do away with vagueness and ensure your content is relatable.
  1. Make sure you maintain a conversational tone all through; people must be comfortable while reading your article and not feel like you are trying to boss them around.
  1. Use Google Docs to write your articles and give us permission to edit (you will get more instructions about this after filling the form).

P.S. If you are familiar with SEO practices, you can go ahead to include keywords, insert internal and external links to your previous blog posts or any article in line with what you are writing about.

  1. After submitting your draft, our content team will edit, proofread, and contact you when your article is ready for publishing on our blog. Make sure you share your article on various social media platforms and follow up on engagements (questions, contributions and queries about your work).
  1. By all means possible, avoid plagiarism. Ensure you have the right permission first or you can give due credit to the owner. This applies to images, articles, and other forms of content.
  2. Length: your content should be between 600-1000 words and not more.

Adapting a style of your own may take a while, but it gets better with a lot of practice. The first step is knowing finding a style that works for you, then you begin to work on improving your writing style gradually.

Our preferred content types

Now that you are sure you want to write for us, the next step is choosing the topic(s) you are going to be comfortable writing about. We will not be recommending titles or subtitles for your article as it is yours to decide. 

Before we proceed to the types of content we will like to receive from you, take a look at some of the topics you can choose from:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Digital Inclusion
  3. Poverty Alleviation Strategies
  4. Good Health and Lifestyle
  5. Gender Equality/Gender Balance
  6. Education 
  7. Food Security 
  8. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  9. Menstrual Health and Hygiene.
  10. Sustainability/Environmental Conservation

P.S. You can suggest different topics

Next up is a list of the content types we would love to have published on our website, go ahead, and dazzle us.

LISTICLE: every one is attracted to content that is in form of a list. Apart from the popularity, listicles are fun to read, write, and act on. Think of something you can use to hook your readers and they’ll keep coming back for more. It can be educational, inspirational or whatever you want it to be.


  • 10 random facts about successful people
  • 20 pictures that will convince you that…
  • Top 5 African women in tech

INTERVIEWS: you can get people’s insights on various topics by conducting interviews physically or virtually. 

POEMS AND STORIES: make your creative lion roar. Your stories may be fiction or non-fiction. Stories of success and failure are welcomed here.

REVIEWS: we want to hear your thoughts on that book or movie you have watched. You can even review a report, just be creative.

HOW-TOs: you can come up with content that will help solve people’s problems no matter how little.

P.S. Always have it in mind that your opinions matter, if there is anything you think is missing, feel free to point it out. We all are here for all of us.


Now that you are ready

To get started as a guest writer, click here to apply and be on the lookout for a love letter from us in your email inbox.

If you still have questions that haven’t been addressed here, let’s chat right away.

Do well to share this opportunity with your network of friends, remember, we are better together.

So, remember to:

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Cheers to better days and to making positive impacts.